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Pray for baby Sammie Empty Pray for baby Sammie

Post  Cynthia on Fri May 07, 2010 11:20 pm

Please pray for my acquaintance Stephanie Hartley, a single mom whose eleven month old baby Sammie nearly drowned to death in their pool on Monday night--the baby was pronounced dead and then unexpectedly began breathing again. However, the baby is in a coma at Loma Linda and no one knows how much brain damage she has. She was not breathing for at least fifteen minutes. Please pray that the baby survives and makes a full recovery. It is horrible to me because the child was so alert and intelligent and I can hardly stand to think about all the terrible possibilities. Stephanie is not a believer at all and is totally lost in occult ideas. Please pray for God's mighty will to work a miracle of healing and salvation on them both. Thank you so much.


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